Quatre En Rose Florale (PRE-ORDER)


Frédéric Boucheron launched his first boutique in Paris, France in the Galerie de Valois in 1858.

The Maison Boucheron had its  workshop created in 1866.

Frédéric gained so much success that he was awarded a gold medal in 1867. The award was for the creative aspects his jewelry displayed at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

Initially, he was in the jewelry business. As he continued to progress, he eventually expanded and opened a boutique in Place Vendôme in 1893. 

In 1900, Maison Boucheron created an extraordinary  diadem (A jeweled crown or headband worn as a symbol of sovereignty) for Queen Mother Elizabeth. This crown later became one of her favorites out of her collection.

Frédéric’s company was known specifically for its luxurious high-end and unique pieces that were innovative and striking! In 1988, the company would then move to formulate its first fragrance. At this time, the Maison Boucheron celebrated its 130th anniversary at the Jacquemart-André Museum.

In 2018, Quatre En Rose Florale Perfume was launched. The fragrance gives off a floral aroma, which is quite perky, so you will definitely turn heads. 

Additionally, Boucheron celebrated 160 years of creation and innovation of their company and rich products.

The top notes provide a fortifying blend of soft fruits. The hints of Mandarin Orange, Artemisia, Bergamot and Black Currant will definitely tickle your nose. It is then connected to the scent of a soft, luxurious bouquet of peach blossom, roses and jasmine. In closing, you will find that the fragrance provides some earthy tones where the base notes consist of Patchouli, Vetiver and Musk. This brings forth the depth of this light perfume. However, let’s not forget that the notes of vanilla tops it off with such sweetness.

Quentin Bisch, a perfumer, is the creator of this wonderful perfume. He definitely deserves 5 stars for this fragrance. The bottle is a soft pink, translucent colored bottle with golden accents that exude elegance. 

After smelling this fragrance on a trip to Paris, France, it was definitely a must have for my perfume collection. Each time I spray it, I am reminded of my visits to the Musée Du Louvre, Tour D'Eiffel and all of the high end boutiques.

  • 3.3 oz

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