Kenzo World

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KENZO’s vision for this perfume was so vibrant that its creation was placed in the hands of an extraordinary  perfumer named Francis Kurkdjian. This experimental creator never hesitates to step outside the box. Francis is known foe blending styles, materials and various genres to formulate something spectacular. He has a way of taking perfume off of its normal existence and transforms it into new extremes which provide the right wow factor.

KENZO World is an unparalleled combination of Jasmine, Peony and Sparkling Crystals of Ambroxan. It gives off a subtle, yet astounding aroma of a floral bouquet. It can be quite addicting to say the least! 

The bottle is quite eye-catching. It is crafted with black rubber, pink gold-tone metal and opaline. Every element within the container, evokes the mix-and-match vibe of the KENZO world. The rUber cap was inspiration from the iconic KENZO Kalifornia bags which were a great hit! The refined accent in pink gold-tone metal evokes the "THE EYE" jewellery collection. The sandblasted glass texture dominates the beauty of the unconventional approach which created an unexpected visual. The eye is mysterious and fascinating and also reveals itself in various ways based on the the point of view, from the top or front.

KENZO considers themselves to be: Accessible. Inclusive. Democratic. It is a brand that strives to embrace every and all aspects of the city and the world. It views diversity as very important because of the mixture of cultures. The blend of cultures, worlds and genres are viewed as natural possessions. They strive in exhibiting a world full of possibilities. KENZO promotes the awakening of our animal instinct in the midst of the urban jungle. Inviting the senses to take an imaginary journey to regain a sense of wonder. KENZO paves the way to new imaginary worlds and invents novel blended, transgenerational and universal lifestyles. (Courtesy of Kenzo World Parfums site)

  • 2.5 oz

Please note box was slightly damaged from transit, however the perfume bottle is intact. 


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