Jardin D’Osse


Histoire: This scents leads you through the luxe floral garden of Osse. The fragrance is overflowing with notes of coconut, mint leaves, amber, lavender and other blended fragrances. The aroma of Jardin D’Osse is calming, loving and welcoming.

Growing up, grand-mère always cultivated various gardens and still does today. They were always so colorful and smelled like magic. Her green thumb has always produced beautiful flowers, plants and vegetables. Grand-mere’s were definitely kissed by the Most High and laced with love.

Jardin D’Osse was inspired by her magical gardens and love for plants. I am grateful to the universe for placing such a loving being into my life who loves me sans condition.

Aromatherapy Benefits

Lavender: Lavender oil is one of the most popular and versatile oils commonly used in aromatherapy. It is extracted from the a plant Lavandula angustifolia. The oil is said to promote relaxation and is often used to help deal with anxiety as it is a form of self care. 

Tonka: Did you know that the tonka bean is a member of the pea family? Well, now you know! The seeds are derived from the fruit of the Dypterix Odorata tree which are black, wrinkled and provide a scent of sweet spice, vanilla, praline and almond when it’s grated. Due to the sweetness of Tonka, it is quite popular for usage in various fragrances Such as perfume, cologne, potpourri, etc. 

Amber: Amber is the fossilized resin which derives from sap found in aged trees. The Amber resin formation process takes a significant amount of time.

For thousands of years, Amber has been used to create jewelry, however it contains properties within it which invoke relaxation. Amber is said to be calming to the mind.

Mint: Mint oil has tons of benefits and the array of uses is guaranteed to stimulate your brain! Mint has a variety of healing properties, therefore it is commonly used as a main ingredient beauty and skincare products. One of the healing properties that is often spoken about, is that Mint oil is believed to help ease headaches and migraines. This is not a medical claim on our end, always check with your physician first. Many have even stated that Mint tends to promote complete relaxation for the body mind, body and spirit. Mint is also said to reduce stress and anxiety, however verify with your physician, we do not make medical claims.


Violet: Violet oil possesses a very pleasant aroma. The scent is strong, slightly leafy and sweet, with a soft floral undertone. 

Violet oil is produced from the leaves and the flowers. Due to its flexibility, it blends oh so well with so many other oils such as lavender, neroli, and more! Believe it or not, Violet is commonly found and used in the perfume/fragrance industry.


For specific allergy concerns, please email us at info@d-osse.com prior to purchasing. 


  • 40+ hour approximate burn time
  • Coconut Apricot Crème Wax
  • Wooden Wick
  • Phthalates Free 
  • 7 oz

Repurposing Candle Jars After Burning

If you are a candle lover like myself, then you find yourself with extra empty jars that look so nice and not worth throwing away. However, what do I do with the jar? We have the perfect solutions for you. Below, you will find some suggestions.

1. You can store pens, pencils, markers and other office supplies in the empty candle jars.

2. You can store tampons in the empty candle jars and place them in your bathroom.

3. You can use the empty candle jars to store your makeup brushes.

4. You can store loose change in the empty candle jars.

5. You can place artificial flowers in the empty candle jars and add some flair to your home decor.

6. You can re-pot your plants by placing them into our empty candle jars.

**NOTE**: Before placing anything in the empty candle jars, please ensure that you clean out the left over wax inside of the jars and removing and left over residue. 

For any questions or concerns, please fee

free to contact us via chat or email, we look forward to connecting with you. 

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